Providing Shelter and Hope

Our Mission

Government law enforcement agencies, often in partnership with nongovernment organizations, conduct rescue operations on an ongoing basis in the Philippines. After a rescue, government and nongovernment agencies refer survivors to residential care homes that provide shelter and rehabilitation to those rescued in an effort to bring about long-term healing and restoration.

The primary goal of aftercare shelters is the successful reintegration of survivors back to safe communities. However, the vulnerabilities that led survivors to being trafficked are likely to still exist since survivors are often under-resourced and under-educated. Many are unable to provide for their most basic needs, including food, adequate and sanitary shelter, clothing and security, and education, thereby increasing their risk of being re-trafficked or exploited in other ways.

This is where Solid Ground International enters the story.

“SGI has taught me how to be responsible in all aspects of my life, particularly in regard to myself. They taught me the ability to make wise decisions in every circumstance.”
– Cadenza


“SGI supplemented me with all of my necessities. In terms of health, they assisted both medically and physically, as well as for my educational and emotional well-being.”
– Pedrine


Our aftercare housing provides a safe place for survivors to heal and gain the skills they need to live independently.

Life Sklls

Our life skills curriculum trains residents in the practical and soft skills needed to sustain independent living.


Our onsite case manager guides the residents in developing educational and professional growth goals to restore them to full health.

Where We Work

Cebu, Philippines

Stories of Hope